Started from Dale Klinchuch who Valued quality and keeping great repore with customers. Over the years built this and established a name in the Market. Moving from flooring into granite in 2003 granite played a huge role in the company turning itself into a force in the housing market. Surviving the down turn of the economy with the loyalty from our customers and great leadership from Dale himself, DFG has Blossomed into much more. At the end of 2012 Dale Klinchuch decided to retire and brought in Spencer Bingham to continue his legacy of Honesty and Quality. Growing into a household name is our Goal and branching off a Legacy of business ethics and has been our main focus over the past years.

Now we Boast a in-house Granite shop that is ever evolving and pushing the Limits, also a Tile Program that has integrity and surpasses industry standards in quality and Leadership.

Showing the local market that it is not ok to be substandard and just be okay DFG is a force to be reconed with.

In addition, as a true partner to our clients, The sherway group  worked with the craft brewing company to better understand the intricacies of their business and their future goals so they could identify an efficient warehousing solution and implement the correct order systems. Read to learn more about it.